15 January 2019

Phil Chandler - Gives me help - Beekeeping

This video was shot in Late August 2017 I think it was, and the bees are seen at a busy time of year. The hives have been in use for four seasons and are beginning to show signs of losing their once pristine look. Much has been learnt over this period and my limited knowledge of beekeeping is slowly being added to. As I write this update the weather is kind at 10deg C and the bees naturally are low in numbers, and concentrated into heat conserving clusters in their respective hives. The weakest of my four hives is doing well on Candoline, (a pollen and sugar mix)  in advance of  much colder weather to come.  I closed up the entrance way leaving just one hole in each hive complete with a mouse excluder. Due to the height above the ground it is unlikely that mice will find their way but the excluder is a good way to reduce heat loss.
The other three hives seem to have enough stores of their own to survive.
Here in Mid January short cleansing flights are being made.

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