17 July 2019

Ply Dinghy Completion

Six months of work has, at last, come together in one beautiful craft fit for purpose. Some pottering, a little fishing venturing along some of Devon's Estuaries, and even some waterborne photography when the light is right.
The inside is varnished with Epiphanes clear and the outside hull finished in Epoxy clear resin (Sicomin 5550 using a medium-fast hardener). She has three flotation bags, a pair of oars and helmsman with plenty of local experience of messing about in boats; what could possibly go wrong after so many hours of labour.
Helen is, even now, against my plans for some waterborne enjoyment and shows little inclination to join me on the water. However, I do have one or two good friends happy to come fishing even though I am no real fisherman.
Now about to add a winch to my road trailer that will ease recovery from the water, even though the weight is not much over 90K with the Seagull 40+ outboard in place.

Off Teignmouth, South Devon

One very nice Bass

Something nice for supper

A professional boatbuilder would probably not have indulged in such methods as I have over the choice of woods and construction. He would struggle to justify the time. The transom alone consists of twenty separate pieces of wood whereas the normal way would be to cut that out from just two pieces of plank. 

Launch Time

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