14 April 2019

Slow progress on the Dinghy

Well pleased with the way my new craft is shaping up today. I made an early start before lunch but Sunday demands I don't disturb the peace too much in our village neighbourhood. Most of the work is done with the garage door closed and outside the tremperature was a chilly 4 deg C with a cold wind blowing off the sea ( a south easterly ).

My video :

About a third of the second layer now inplace to the starboard side.

From this viewpoint the freeboard looks too high but its a trick of camera perspective. Should the gunnels look  wrong once the craft is removed from the mould and is upright the jigsaw will make light work of adjustment. Wood can always be removed but adding height would be very much more of a problem. 

17th April update  --  Butt ends are being spliced on the diagonal.

Around the bilge area some of the slats are needing to be hollowed on the underside.

End splice.  Judging from how much ply has been consumed to date, I expect to use 9 sheets of  8' X 4' ply in total.

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