27 June 2019

Newbuild Dinghy after a few coats of Varnish

On target for launching by mid July for some fishing and pottering.
This twelve foot labour of love is by no means perfect but has been a most satisfying project to undertake in my advancing years.  One of those ideas that seems to seed from reading a small book big on content, that taps into skills fast disapearing in this age of plastic and glass.

And if  I can build it  - I can mend it !

The spoon blade paddles are of ordinary selected deal, but should, more correctly have been of Spruce.

There are a couple more coats required to the interior and thereafter just the hull to varnish and paint. Oh! and the rubbing strips to be fitted to keel and bilge runners.

Seagull 40+ outboard

Spoon bladed paddles


Chuckers said...

What a wonderful job you have done. She is absolutely lovely and will bring many hours of pleasure. Wish that I still had my boats!!
Chris Gleave (Chuckers)

Woodcrafter said...

Thanks Chris,
I have taken her out several times now and am delighted with the way she rides in a choppy sea and travels through the water. I worked on the Seagull prop a little to get a bit more thrust. It works well. Caught some Bass too.
The build took a lot of labour. i had thought of buying a Firefly vintage dinghy and renovating - it would have taken much less time and probably half the cost. Enjoyed making it from scratch though.
Best wishes,