10 June 2019

Dinghy progress and somewhere to venture

Having just added gunnels with their capping of Sycamore and the stem and stern knees, this little craft is beginning to look quite robust. The hull gives a bell like sound if knocked with a knuckle - perhaps the largest wooden bell in the UK !
Next will come the seats and some timbers beneath them, to add rigidity where the trailer meets amidships. Most trips in useage will require towing to a launch site. The local estuaries include the Dart, Teign, Exe and even more appealing is the Salcombe / Kngsbridge Estuary or Ria; unusual because it has no large river feeding it, just a series of small streams from Frogmore, Bowcombe, Batson, East Allington, Sherford and other surrounding villages, rising at springs some 140 metres above sea level.
The Salcombe-Kingsbridge Estuary is tidal up as far as Kingsbridge, the bridging point five miles inland. Like the other estuaries of South Devon, the original deep river valley has been inundated by later sea level rise, with the tide flooding in to create a wide expanse of water. 

I am now  more confident I shall complete by mid July.


Seat riser wedged in place

Beginning to firm up with knees in place

Rowlock cheeks added

Transom knee

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