17 June 2019

Cathedral TopBar Hive Progress

Approaching mid-summer and looking out for signs of swarming. One hive looks like a supersede queen cell is being made in mid comb so its best left undisturbed. Another hive cropped of my first honey of the season. The 2 combs were removed and the top half  taken while the lower drawn comb was reattached to the bar using a hair slide calliper. A colony that was shaken down into a top bar out of a flat topbarhive is building comb well and looks healthy - I have been supplementing food for them.
I had intended introducing a Nicot cage but due to a clumsy calamity with my smoker setting alight my wood shavings close to the Nicot frame it rapidly distorted and became unusable. I am going to have to replace it right away if the queen breeding idea is to go ahead.

A very full hive

Combe being drawn out

Foundation being drawn from the bottom up

The queen spotted on this comb to the far right

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