30 June 2019

Whitby Fish & Chip Sunday

The Magpie restaurant comes highly recommended and its certainly popular. With a queue waiting by 11am for opening time. We wait and make for an upstairs table overlooking the harbour to get served within five minutes. So many day trippers thronging the narrow streets and piling into vessels to circuit the harbour and coastline this fine weather. Bikers in leathers walking bow legged, hot and flushed in the heat,  focusing on the railway station cafe.
Stopping there in the carpark we get hustled in by a bevy of revvy bikes impatiently following behind.
A walk along the breakwater to the lighthouse rewards us with some lovely views of the coastline and beach where three donkeys give children rides and a lady patrols the sand with a pooper-skooper bucket. In the distance we see a quieter cove and make our way north a mile or so for more wanderings,  tea and cake. Parking charges are higher here than in Devon but not to worry!
Two more days to spend around the coast,  delighted with our new Airbnb. A converted barn amidst farmland down a narrow lane, well secluded and quite spacious. 

Try as I might, the task of persuading Helen to let me call in to a metal suppliers is met with hostile negatives, and it looks as if I shall have to get the metal keel strips for my dinghy build back home in Devon. Up here it is available at a very reasonable price  off the shelf and I try to mollify Helen with the promise of a stainless steel cooker splash back but still no agreement is forthcoming. 

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Chuckers said...

I hope that the weather in Whitby will be as good in September.
We are having a couple of days away near Pickering in order that I can enjoy the Pickering to Whitby North Yorkshire Moors Steam Railway.
Great photos as usual.
Chris Gleave (Chuckers)