28 June 2019

Heading North in a Heatwave

The Morgan 4/4 performed perfectly today after a chilly 6am start from Kenton near Exeter. A fine clear morning with our journey predicted to take four hours with the hood down and wind in our hair. It actually took six hours due to several stops for refreshments on the way to Creswell, Derbyshire. The Morgan was treated to a full change  of engine and gear box oil together with a greasing of the suspension the day before we left home,
M42 traffic and confusing road signs made for some nervous moments. At the point where this road reaches the M1 four traffic lanes need careful attention, not to get onto the wrong road. The M6 toll road north east of Birmingham could easily have been taken by mistake.
Before clocking in to the Airbnb we made a leisurely visit to Creswell Crags where new geological digs are finding clues about the long human habitation of the caves extending back into times of the lion, rhinoceros and cave bear. Animals on the menu of those hunters down the ages.
Tomorrow a family anniversary will be celebrated and the day after, some sight seeing onto the Yorkshire moors.
Our brief tour north extends to the sea later on, including Whitby while warm weather is guaranteed.
Meanwhile records are broken with 46 deg in France and similar highs in Spain. With wildfires in Catalonia global warming can no longer be denied.
Cresswel Crags

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