15 June 2014

Why a Morgan and not a Mazda ?

Open top motoring began for me with a barn find MG PB 1936 two seat red model which struggled to achieve 45% on the G force brake test.
There followed several similar MGs including the 1932 F2 Magna 4 seat six cylinder classic which conveyed Helen and me to Scotland and back and scalded the hand of an AA man who dared to rest his hand on the octagonal radiator cap but failed to enrol me as a member.
In early retirement I briefly took ownership of a Mazda but was disappointed to discover it  failed to wow me at all.
Several years later our dear daughter surprised us with a special anniversary gift.
Waiting for me at the sailing club Sophia handed over the keys to a hired Royal Ivory 4/4 Morgan and sent Helen and I off for the day. It was a delight and we left the gravelled car park with a cheeky grin and a touch of wheel spin.
Just a month later (November 2011) the savings pot was raided and investment made in the form of our 1800cc 2008 4/4.
Minor mods include an air scoop beneath the front number plate, adjustable front shocks, and a discreet little bung of wire wool stuffed into the rear silencer and held in place with two piano wire clips; this serves to tone down the exhaust note into a pleasant burble.

The similarity of the Morgan and MG is striking - both have charisma - if only the Morgan had retained its fold flat screen.

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