8 August 2014

Health warning.
My scenic excursions are due to be rudely interrupted shortly due to a medical procedure on my lower bowel. Nothing to do with the firm ride of the 4/4 suspension I hope - surely more likely to be due to changes to my diet and advancing years.
At the RD&E hospital I was examined by a very kind consultant who explained the procedure, donned disposable gloves and squinted up the junction using a sort of viewing scope. That’s step one. Step two he explained, required a further procedure to check beyond the U bend.
The routine final procedure for removing said little bits of my bowel using a gun at point blank range. Nothing to get too alarmed over – the gun is one that draws the offending bit under suction up into the barrel and then slips a little rubber band over the tip of the barrel. The band thus deployed, left in place so as to restrict blood supply would soon drop away and be expelled along with the ugly little sac that intruded just there.

 I explained that I had already had nasal polyps removed.  “Wrong end - no connection at all”.  Great I thought that’s all right then. 

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Chuckers said...

Sounds like exactly the same procedure as I had, at about the same time as Gearge W Bush had his similar operation.
Hope all goes well, I'm sure it will.