5 September 2014

Health update / Birthday surprise

By way of a post script to "Health Warning" (8th August) I am delighted to say all went well on my birthday at the RD&E with reference to my minor op involving a video camera !

I will NOT be posting the video here as it might deter my Morgan motorist friends from re-visiting these pages ... I am pleased to report that I now have little recollection of the event due to the degree of sedation used.


Chuckers said...

I am pleased to say that my recent operation was also very successful, although the prospect of dropping into the Morgan cockpit is probably a couple of weeks away yet.
However, not wishing to fall into the trap of most elderly folks, ie comparing their health issues, I will merely say that, following your inspirational example, I will not go into any details, but have every intention of letting my worldwide band of readers know, via my blog, that I have survived.

Graham Tapper said...

Hello Chris,
Good to hear you are soon to be back in the driving seat.
Kind Regards,