14 November 2014

Thought for the day.

Those eager to lead us into believing one thing or another are never far away.  I shy away from religion and groups that shelter behind a cloak of respectability.  My pension provider has lost two thousand pounds from my pension pot this past twelve months and says I may not have the 25% tax free drawdown promised by Her Majesties Government.  "Telephone again  next April". They say; "we might have more to tell you by that time".

I listened to a  bishop berating a banker on Thursday but why the BBC chose to broadcast  a sermon on the morals of a banker is a puzzle, when we know full well that bankers are no better than the rest. ( I would sooner hear what the bishop had to say about the actress). 

The tools of propaganda crowd the airways night and day. Doris Archer and Ambridge Farm, leaves me cold.

Perhaps the BBC would have Eddie Grundy tour the Morgan factory, now that would be a tale worth telling.  


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Chuckers said...

Well said, and I love the pictures.