8 April 2015

Environment Agency and the Somerset Vole

£2454 is the cost of saving each one of 55 water voles on the Somerset Levels. A grand total of £135,000.
Now I love to see wildlife thriving but our cat called Jack, brought home to our garden, one similar little creatures in a very lifeless state and showing signs of recent trauma. A common shrew that is not valued quite so highly.

The Common Shrew

Jack has a number of kills to his name including half a dozen mice, one wren, two pigeon, one blackbird, one starling and four sparrows and a cock pheasant. He is also quite adept at striking flying insects out of the air and performing acrobatic feats of a spirited nature, despite weighing in at a portly 2 kilos.
I should like to know if the Environment Agency has any schemes I should be aware of, to preserve the lesser known little creatures Jack might find by the Exe Estuary.

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