4 August 2015

En-route to Napton

A family reunion of cousins at a wedding anniversary celebration on Sunday.
Up the M5 beyond Bristol and onwards, turning onto the Fosse Way, pausing at Stow on the Wold for some light refreshment en-route.

 A shabby-chic tea room for toast and a cup of tea was all in order.

With plenty of time in hand, we wandered through the little streets and came upon a craft exhibition where I might have found a Bonsai Ceramic bowl, but drew a blank.
The retiree in attendance, being a welcoming fellow, talked about the town and discussed our respective local accents.
We agreed, accents of the home grown sort are a joy, but how irritating when the BBC prefers the foreign accent.  Turn on the radio and 50% of the time, its a foreigner you hear. I like foreigners where I expect to meet them, abroad at a time of my choosing,  but the BBC have overdosed me.
My newfound friend mentioned an aquaintence with a strong Devon accent from Newton Abbot. I mentioned an uncle from Newton Abbot with a bombastic nature, promoted to rank of Sargeant in the Army, before establishing a successsful business for himself and becoming a Freemason.  The retiree in attendance, had been a Sargeant in the Army too. 

Conscription is what Britain needs, we agreed.
Back on the issue of the B.B.C. and cocking his head sideways,  hushing the voice almost to a whisper, he said; "You know, in the BBC they are all, either c######ts or q####rs " ! 

I said; "It wouldn't surprise me one little bit" !

Now we learn of allegations, NOT about the original alleged offence Edward Heath is supposed to have committed, but against the then police force of Salisbury; namely that suppression of the allegations against Heath took place.

A £10 ticket will buy a conducted tour of the house named Arundells, where Heath lived in Salisbury. 

Failure by police to investigate an allegation perverts the course of justice. Itself a criminal offence,  by those there supposedly in place to protect the public. A default and dereliction of duty.

Is this Britain ?  Tainted with injustice and riven through with perverts.

Peers, prime ministers, ministers of religion, or the influential, some of who become unreachable and above the rule of law. What began this decent into debauchery. 

The use of language like: "Look into" does NOT mean investigate or rectify. It means gazing into a receptacle, a bucket of water perhaps, which may or may not contain clear water, and a visible bottom.  It may contain a quantity of mud.  In the latter case, a pointless thing to look into.  

The Chilcot enquiry sham - "looking into" the Iraq War. Six years later and the mud in the bucket is still being looked at. ( Not exactly this minute !  - Sir John happens to have gone away on his summer holidays. )

A group of at least 29 families issued an ultimatum to the inquiry’s chairman, Sir John Chilcot. A legal letter warning that it would seek a judicial review over any further delays to the report into the conflict. The very same Sir John Chilcot, dubbed "Sir" by war-monger Blair.

How very convenient that one should be able to repay the other for a civil service favour.

Reg Keys, whose son Tom was killed in 2003, has said: “We want to give a deadline now for the end of the year, or legal action will be following.”

We quiescent people, smoked into a comatose state by the dence language of the "lookers into".

Birds have a group name according to breed;  A "murder of crows" ; "raft of ducks" ; "charm of finches" ; "skein of geese" : "parliament of owls".

Within Homo sapiens, the lesser breeds;   "establishment of buggers" ; "blight of lords" ; "closet of peers" ; "darkroom of lookers into".

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