17 March 2017

Adding spotlights to Morgan 4/4

Having acquired a pair of spots from a friend I set about fitting them, thinking it would be a simple task, but the job becomes more involved once I discover the wiring loom colours are unavailable and the existing switch within a delicate circuit board, not to be disturbed.
A direct fused supply was taken from the battery to two separate new relays and the spots fitted and earthed onto the chassis. Berrybrook were able to sell me the stainless brackets for mounting the spots at the correct angle, sloping onto the aluminium wings.
All earthing connections are  made directly onto the chassis.
The switching power supply to the relay had to be taken from one of several sources that become live on turning the ignition key. I chose to take the relay switch feed from the sidelight circuit. The spots worked first time without blowing any fuses.

A task that takes me many hours would have cost upwards of three hundred pounds at the local garage. Now I understand why!

Three stainless fasteners drilled through alloy wings. Brackets come with washers and rubber gaskets. 

Minimal clearance between spot & overider. 

Two relays take positive feed from battery and fused close to battery. Relays fixed in engine bay onto bulkhead. 

Toggle switch.

Battery positive supply showing twin fuses.

Pre-wired fog/spot terminal showing blue/yellow-green/yellow wires. (New brown wire is sidelight feed to relay switch.  Beneath front offside wing)

The existing loom was tapped into for the switched supply to the relays and taken from the sidelight connector beneath the front offside wing. The loom behind the dashboard left unmolested. Only the switched supply required a small hole through the bulkhead beside the fusebox.
Too late, I find a terminal folded away in the front suspension bay of the offside wing that is the pre-wired one I failed to discover soon enough, nested underneath.

What other accessory could that be used for I wonder.

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