21 April 2017


Touring southwest Ireland in glorious spring weather the number of abandoned homes that pepper the landscape soon becomes apparant.
On glancing one estate agents window we spot a recently sold derelict house with six acres at E65,000.
At the same time news media reports on a housing crisis and homelessness.
The sad fact seems to be that most of the desersion and dereliction has been ignored. The shells pictured here are far beyond economic repair. The strange thing is that they blend and disolve into a  countryside too beautiful to notice any blight or blot. 

Spot the Morgan by middle telegraph pole

Abandoned to the four winds and the Atlantic swell

Overgrown and overblow -- No garden should be left so out of hand. 

A  little draughty but structurally sound. -- Everest fit the Best...... . 

Retaining many original features. Here is the inglenook fire place. 

Open views towards the north west. 

The Ivy has taken hold of this Freehold

This lodging house has no lodgers  

A tin roof disolves to stain the wall in a drizzle  of rust

An open- plan interior greets the visitor


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