19 February 2018


I am not writing this for you to read but for me to re-read.
Normally content and optimistic but not today with the realisation that I am likely to be related to those who would do me down and profit from my trusting nature.
To help rid myself of this malady I regurgitate these rotten findings, like I have recently had to do after consuming  a spoonful of  stale chicken pate. 

The trigger was finding the front offside wheel of my Volvo V70 flat and dangerously worn on its inner edge, due to a bad misalignment in tracking.  Dissapointed with my trusted local garage for having caused this at a recent job, related to an engine drive belt fitting and/or the later replacement of a front wheel bearing. Both my daughter and wife were similarly unhappy with the work done on their own cars here.  A  second screen washer motor  failure and a brake pad sensor error respectively, neither of which should have happened. I cannot afford to give the benefit of the doubt again.

Each garage I have employed to care for my vehicles over many years has behaved in this way, with the exception of the one that re-bored an MG TC engine block in 1964 at a cost of £65.
I escaped another garage rip-off attempt by a VW main dealer that said I needed a new alternator. A smaller garage fixed the fault with a high pressure jet of air for one tenth of the cost. 

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