6 May 2018

Back in Britain

The run towards home is tinged with a dose of nostalgia as we drive along the coastal motorway heading east. Names of previous happy holidays spent at resorts along this beautiful coastal region.
San Vicente de la Barquera  and Ribadesella amongst them. Romantic names and romantic memories of seafood snacks, like razor clams and barnacles.
Having more than time enough to re-visit them, a decision has to be made to divert seawards, or head straight on to the ferry port. Our choice not to go down memory lane was made - far better to return home with memories of our new found treasured destinations.
Helen rued the day she chose to sit in the passenger seat on these longer trips away.  I am warned this will be the last time.  But once we reach our little village home in South Devon, that  doubt is cast aside and we are talking about the next venture, off into the blue hills and misty mountains.
The Morgan is so right for the way we travel, and such a delightful machine to enjoy the open road.

Puente románico de la Ramallosa

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