3 November 2018

Preparing bees for Over-wintering - So. West UK.

3rd November on a mild overcast day at 14deg.C sees activity levels at about 70%.
Pollen presumed to be Ivy is being brought in.
Ventilation holes were to be restricted and a couple of layers of cloth insulation added above the top bars.
One attack by a wasp is seen here being effectively repelled whilst another is seen to gain access unchallenged. The images below show the highly effective team collaboration as the bees move together to push the wasp away from the entrance. I don't know if the wasp survived or was fataly stung but it was desparate to gain access to the hive at all costs.
All four hives look to be in good health. The intention remains to treat for Veroa with an Oxalic acid vapour in December as they were previously treated in December 2017.

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