28 October 2014

Devonshire grumbles - Beer re-visited

Mogging along leafy lanes early in the morning starts from Greater Haldon. A mystery tour to follow colours of autumn but "tales of the unexpected" spill into a box marked "grumbles". 

We have HS2 and HS3 but no Devon HS4.   Seven million tons of beach sand and shingle are required to replace that which has been lost since 1841 at Dawlish.

"Swamped" by EU migrants, "Under Siege",  "Under Pressure".  Recent words from Downing Street.

Under attack from the EU - I say follow the Nordic peoples - Vote UKIP and we might get our independance back.

Bleeding the UK taxpayer, the EU penalty for our improved economy (including drugs prostitution and smuggling) seems to suggest we promote this degenerate group of high earners. Now the idiots are definitely in charge of the asylum.

I had to get that off my chest to continue my drive. Apologies for the digression. 

But wait there's more!....the MMC seems en-route to self destruction.

Futuristic design ventures, exotic materials, racing campaigns and electric power. Adventures quite laudable for a manufacturer with excess funds to gamble but for a compact niche market company with less than two hundred employees simply reckless.
At the heart of the matter, Morgan is blessed by a loyal following of enthusiastic owners happy to accept a few irritating flaws in its beautiful product. Perhaps some of us enjoy putting them to rights.
  1. See viewpoints aired at http://www.talkmorgan.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/230870/1 - the thread titled "Tomorrows Traditional Owners".
  2. Now ousted from the MMC, Mr Charles Morgan may feel free to set up a rival company. I am sure that many an entrepreneur would leap at the chance to back such a venture.
  3. A three wheeler powered by Moto-Guzzi?  The 4/4 powered by Volvo?

Now where was I,  Oh yes at Beer with a toasted cheese sandwich and tea on the beach.

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Frank 4x4 said...

Once again I enjoyed your topic.

You had me there Graham, I thought that 'The Grumbles' may have been a geological feature along the coast there.

I love that first photo. Beautiful colours.

I took a look a the TM Topic but do not have time to read every word. Sadly, it will not be a problem I can help solve so in the words of someone famous ' Don't worry about things you cannot influence '

Best Wishes