19 October 2014

Rame Head to Looe searching scenic lanes.

Today a weather window opens for the Mog to double overhead camshaft down the A38 to Cornwall. Getting the oil warmed up takes a few minutes climbing Telegraph Hill and we are away. Brunel's iconic bridge carries across the Tamar 40 minutes later and then onwards from Torpoint the A374 and A3274 lead out to the clifftops.

Near Rame Head the sporadic summer retreats of pre-war origin appear to slip down towards the sea. Crafthole and Downderry, Seaton, Millendreath and Looe were on the itinerary but Helen felt less enthusiastic so a second stab will soon be made another day.

A romantic at heart I sometimes wonder how a follower rather than a leader arrives at where he is. Realizing my limitations in the grey matter department, questioning where I am at; racing a dinghy or driving a Morgan.
Two people seeded those ideas. A sailor named Harry Fellows and my dear Daughter Sophia. It was he who spotted me enviously gazing at a dinghy on the beach and laid down the challenge - so I acquired one!  It was Sophie who handed me the keys to a Morgan one wedding anniversary and the adventures began.


Frank 4x4 said...

Hello Graham,
I enjoyed your drive. Thank you for sharing it.

I did part of that in the other direction on my Coastal Trip leg from Torquay to Fareham. Problem for me was that it was in the worst storm day of that year (Storm Meister Day) with 8 floods to drive through and fallen trees to avid and my hood up all day so took very few photos.
I would love to do that whole trip again if I ever get the chance but age will probably prevent.
Best Wishes

Chuckers said...

We too have a lovely Sophie, my eldest daughter! Always enjoy your posts.