23 December 2014

The Auction Room

The next boxed lot to go under the hammer

Two days before Christmas may be the best time to buy but the worst time to sell if the auction room is your market place. Prices were struggling and some bargains to be had today.
This was not an upmarket Auction House but a more down to earth Weekly Mecca for the market trader. 

Can I say 40, 45, 50, 50, 50, ?  Make no mistake - Last time. Gone !

Amongst the bric-a-brac debris of every day house clearances anything and everything must go under the hammer, but I am a novice-newbie at the game; only standing in for my son as a call of duty, while he holds a town market stall in the South Hams.

Quiet there at the door PLEASE

I am left with a wad of cash and strict instructions on which items to bid for, give or take a pound or two. Helen came with me this morning to look around and spotted a lovely watercolour and I was give yet more guidance on how high to go, if I wished and yes, I managed to bag it. A marine painting of rough sea and cliffs, dotted about with sea birds and a sailing ship on the horizon.

 It might just be me, or it may just be true, that Antique Dealers and their ilk dress down to a grass root level, rather than up to any smart dress code. The idea is clearly an essential pretence at being so poor that any old ragged jeans will do. A second hand charity shop sweater or drab camouflage garment from the garden shed is ideal.

And one from the Silver Cabinet

Relax its only money !

Checks and balances

Original Watercolour - Christmas present to ourselves

Ebony Elephants TV, fishing rods. Globe, toys, Capo d'Monte figures, 

A box of ceramic Elephants

Boxed toy cars, commercial vehicles, two painted watering cans etc. etc.

Don't forget the Buyers Premium.

No room in the Morgan for this little lot.

One of those Volvo moments when that workhorse machine will be most useful.

Last week it was filled with logs for the wood-burner. Now its essential transport for treasures from the sale room.

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