21 December 2014

Truth and Reconciliation / A personal opinion

Rant No.1  / On our borders

Truth and Reconciliation Commissions are set up in one country after another, not for the redressing of a wrong but to quell an angry public. Oil on troubled waters; except for here in the west, where our establishment has not yet seen a need for truth or reconciliation.
The illusion of cleansing the arena fulfils the need to act on some atrocity committed by the untouchable governors of these countries.
Such Truth and Reconciliation Commissions are not courts of justice empowered to punish but more quango inquisitors.
It has been openly admitted that the invasion of Iraq by Britain in collaboration with America was the single biggest mistake made by Britain since the First World War.
Architects of that fiasco we now know to be the dreadful,  Bush - Blair duo,
and as these two reprobates run amok in our midst, the deeper will go the Islamic Backlash.

The Chilcott Inquiry into the Iraq war, was available within months of the final hearing in February 2011, but is not as yet being published. A suppression of the truth and a national scandal.  More of a cover-up than a revelation, promised "June or July of next year" in order to permit the narcissistic, big mouth T. Blair to orchestrate his defence of the indefensible.

Terrorism today, it seems to me, has its roots in the unexpected consequence of our own actions. That is to say the actions of one despotic leader that led Britain to war in our name. 

Rant No. 2  /  On our doorstep

It has been said that 20% of us will have come into direct contact with some vulnerable person who has suffered, or knows of someone else who has suffered, at the hands of an abuser.

We each of us prefer not to believe an ugly truth but would rather give, or be given, the benefit of the doubt.  It is at this point that an opportunity to right a wrong is won or lost.

Presupposing innocence before guilt is the very cloak behind which an abuser remains concealed. 

Abstinence makes the Church grow fondlers. 

Our Gracious Queen smack Andrew's bottom  -  I don't think so !

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