19 March 2015

Brixham for Fish and Chips

Beautiful spring weather to make our regular run to the fish market to stock the freezer. Half the price and twice as fresh Plaice. 

At the Lifeboat Station

Traversing the chaos of Kingskerswell by pass today called for some patience and close attention to temporary detours. A herculean effort will be necessary to complete the scheme by this summer.

Beginning to show signs of neglect

Brixham never fails to provide interest for day trippers like ourselves. With tide full out the beautifully faired hulls of the several wooden trawlers under restoration, can be seen to full advantage.

Looking west towards the inner harbour in hazy light

We park up by the lifeboat station and head round the harbour to the market then retrace our steps to the chip shop for lunch. 

Preparing to put to sea

A hazy atmosphere pervades across the pale blue sky today and the sun lights up the pastel shades of Brixham.

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