16 March 2015

Stonehenge : Early Morgan Showroom

This monument was a vehicle showroom at a time when the problems of transporting very large and heavy objects had been newly solved.

Vehicle showroom par excellence

 Made by  skilled craftsmen from Malvern, large wooden carts capable of carrying in excess of 50 tons came into use, hauled by teams of Dartmoor ponies. Wood as seen today in the modern Morgan was used in vehicle production.  Yew, Oak and Ash carts carried the monumental stones for miles and once built, the showroom named Arbocartum  sold carts to the rest of Europe, generating huge wealth for the moguls of south west Britain.

A later derivative

The reason for the high arches was to accommodate the large size wheels, approximately twelve feet in diameter to cross uneven surfaces without sinking into soft ground, at a time when roads were mere trackways.

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