8 November 2015

A correct forecast

For the first time in a long time the wind forecast for the Teign Estuary was correct yesterday. The Storm Abigail moderated down to a force four or five and the turn out was half the number of boats usual for a Saturday afternoon.
Lying in fourth until this Saturdays autumn series, two firsts put me up to second place behind Andy who stays in the lead.
An exhilerating two races back to back led to some capsizes and planing across the estuary from Coombe Cellars Pub to Red Rock, beside the railway. Tide against wind raised a short sharp chop which added speed. Planing was also possible for most of the downwind leg to the Railway buoy. Both races were shortened to two rounds each, much to my relief, being in a somewhat exhausted state.  Jibing was a manouvre not safe to undertake. Staying upright was the main goal and simply finishing a bonus.

The previous Saturday my centreboard snagged somebodies fishing line off the Coombe Cellars Pub and required a doubling back jibe very close to the high wall. Though the line detached and ran free my place in the race fell back from 4th to 8th. Of twenty races just eleven are to count in the series, so that one will be a discard.

Towards Red Rock in lighter conditions

At sea off Felpham in a stiff breeze -  Showing the sort of conditions enjoyed yesterday.

Twenty four hours later and the estuary is still the focus for a weekend fishing competition with both banks festooned with the rods and tripods and wading optimistic fishers for the prized flounder that come up from the sea at this time of year.

Speaking to one Welshman down here for the weekend - Not a single bite in 48 hours had he.

One competitor struck lucky with a flounder which will feature in a magazine no doubt.

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