24 November 2015

One Man Caravan

Robert Edison Fulton, Jr. wrote a wonderful book in 1937 with the above title. One of those adventure epics that I enjoy reading from time to time. The true account of a young mans' motorcycle journey 40,000 miles around the world.
His travels made in 1932/3 included a traverse of the middle east tinder keg - a region once much safer than today, whose tribal peoples have defended it against all aggressors for as long as they took to become a race apart.
On balance, I am against intervention in the middle east. Already the focus of conflict between east and west. An entanglement of religions and cultures which may never be resolved.

Notwithstanding my atheistic viewpoints, thanksgiving seems an appropriate moment to promote an American author. The chosen book; not a Bible but a true account of one mans' faith in his fellow man to allow freedom of passsage and a welcome along the way.

The auther on his machine

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