11 December 2015

The well man Clinic

The all clear result of my annual blood test is quite a relief .
So many friends and one or two relatives have not been so fortunate in recent months.
My GP offered the usual flue jab and a memory test for Alzheimer's - both declined by me.
My medication for an eye condition and for thinning the blood - both have slight but liveable side effects.
I lost my brother two years ago to eventual side effects from a medication prescribed many years previously, and I cannot ignore the implications. If it ain't broke don't fix it - is the sentiment I apply to myself as well as to the M4W Morgan, which sits cocooned in the garage.
Three of our local GPs have been laid low recently to diseases of one sort or another - none fatal - but still not a happy thought.
My sister in law recommended a good book to me the day before yesterday and try as I might I could not remember the title later that same day. I did remember the author's name though, which happens to be similar to the name of an ancestor (named Forster),  so do I have hope?  My son reassures me that the memory is selective and mine is no different, lots of superfluous information becomes lost in the filtering of disinteresting fuzzy trivia, even though I try to remember as much as I may.
So I excused myself at the Doctors surgery and tell him I am only concerned to keep my wheels on the road;  I can follow the G.P.S. and reach a far destination, stay happy and at peace with the world. He is just as likely as me to get lost I tell myself. And the book title recommended to me: "Where Angels fear to tread".

Grandson Leon has all his wheels

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