21 December 2015


The sun sets on Sanary sur Mer

Two days on the road between Exeter and Sanary-sur-Mer included an overnight stop at Chaumont sur Tharonne, a few miles south of Orleans.
The ferry crossing between Newhaven and Dieppe, tried for the first time, was four hours long and gave a chance of quiet respite from the steering wheel.
Newhaven was found to be a freight port not quite as well sign posted or cleanly swept as our usual Plymouth departure point. Cheap and cheerful it was, but with few other plus points.

Thierry and Rene' - our hosts at Tharonne  were charming, welcoming and spoke good English. The ground floor suite spacious, all beautifully clean and well furnished. Three King Charles Spaniels stood guard at the tea table.  The little village a delightful place where the rural sports include (wild) boar hunting. 


First light on the village green.

Starting early on the road soon after breakfast we headed south once more on the A71 but  my failure to listen to Helen and ample speed limit warnings led to an abrupt halt by a pair of flashing blue motorcycle lights, a 96 Euro on the spot fine administered with cool precision.  Helen was rightly vindicated and openly amused by the whole procedure and enjoyed the remaining few hours in relaxed fashion as I reflected on my misdemeanour.

We reached Sanary sur Mer as the light was fading and bedded down in our chalet. but the excitement was not over. An hour or so into a deserved rest and internet browsing the ill fitted slats on my bed suddenly collapsed and dumped my derrière onto the floor.  More chuckles from Helen, a sip of cold tea and some sweet dreams to follow. 

Sunday in Sanaray dawns dull but by at noon the sun warmed the harbour-front.

Harbour (double take).

The fish market

Fresh caught

Sunday trading

Fresh fruit and veg.

December 20 and like summer

Very tempting

Showers begin to clear

Nativity scene

Église Saint Nazaire

The street scene is buzzing with a Happy Christmas atmosphere.  

The glittering night scene of Sanary sur Mer harbour

In sight of the the Italian ice cream vendor offering Liquorice and Lemon Ice

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