8 January 2016

Big toys and little toys

Still a small boy and given the freedom to roam the seaside town and countryside where I grew up I soon came to the realisation that toys are not essential so long as freedom was there to enjoy a choice.
Included in the list was the catapult, the air rifle, roller skates, box-cart, canoe, swim fins, model aeroplanes and chemistry set. I was lucky enough to have them all and another I only now dare admit to:  I.E.D.s that had the potential to do grave harm to life and limb. Fortunately, common sense demanded they were used with discretion.
I was led to believe that the best years of life are the early years, but I think quite the opposite to be true in my case. Not always so but in the latter years the toys are bigger, bolder and give the freedom to roam further and faster.
They include the open top sports car, the sailing dinghy, the cameras and the freedom to use them all as and when the mood is moved.
My most recent toy; an upgraded camera and today the early shoot of  dawn, yet to show the benefits of an instruction manual running to five hundred pages.

Sunrise over Teignmouth Golf Course

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