28 January 2016

First light on the Exe

Swans continue to flourish on the Exe and the Teign in recent years. Now in pairs on the marshes and beginning to nest build and to defend territory.
I set off at first light  today, on a clear morning break from the run of January storms.
Predicted calamitous events fail to materialise. The white Christmas and Blizzards of autumn just fairy tales. Looking at the Express Newspaper rag bag of nonsense is a mistake at any time of the year.
As the sun comes up over the horizon great flocks of bird-life bring a feather-wind orchestra to life. Flocks of plover and lapwing, geese and curlew, mallard and widgeon, shoveller and golden-eye are all to be seen, but from over the other side of the canal are many more unseen varieties that add to the ballad of song.

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Turf Locks

Flat bottom barge no longer afloat

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