19 January 2016

No smoking Gun

These images are of a place where my father shot wildfowl and chose, once upon a time, to try and encourage me to take up the sport. My introduction was brief and wholly wasted. The birds were flying too high on that early morning, and home-bound on the way back to the parked car, the 4/10 shotgun I was carrying discharged downwards into the tarmacked lane creating a small crater, sending a shower of grit and shot into the air. My finger had been resting on the trigger (mistake), The gun had been pointing earthwards (good). My father was lost for words and kept his thoughts to himself (thankfully).
Today my visits to this RSPB reserve remind me of him and the old days, when the place was open to those who asked permission from the landowner Mr Mortimore.  

Water meadows that fatten birds as well as cattle viewed through a curtain of reeds

Jeremy Corbyn has just bowled Mr Putin one great googly of a ball that will have rocked the soviet chair with laughter or sent shivers of dread down the soviet leader's spine, because the scenario is misleading (All politics is misleading is it not) and I see a glimmer of hope for Corbyn the pacifist and strategist.
Trident without the missiles may not be so stupid as it sounds ?  It may have already slipped into obsolescence.  Trident superseded ?  “Courtesy of Guardian News & Media Ltd”
The new undersea warfare may be one of unmanned submersible drones - stationed into every 1000 square mile sector of ocean to reveal, engage, locate or destroy those obsolete manned ocean submarines.  41 Billion = Approximately !
My dad never hunted duck and geese with an unloaded shotgun. To go out into the cold wind with a pretend gun and play hide and seek would have been quite dotty. My mother would get no bird to cook and dads friends would have pulled his leg without mercy.  But today imagine the new weapon of choice - the aerial drone flown by the sporting wild-fowler remotely pursuing the bird in flight and testing the skills of the sportsman on a level playing field so to speak.

Flooded lane so far and no further for the low slung Morgan 4/4

No wildfowlers here today

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