24 April 2016

Classic Motor Show - Dawlish

A stroll in the park with some rare motors from the past:  Dawlish could not be bettered this Sunday.
Many a proud owner was on hand to speak of adventures on the open road but by far the most impressive was the couple who had crossed the continents of both North America and South America in their lovely open top Austin Seven. And yes the book has already been written. 

Sliding Pillar on this 1920s Lancia (internal damping with oil filled reservoirs)

Lancia V4 - Rear of block has two exhaust exit ports serving two cylinders each. On either side of the one inlet port.

Lancia V4 from the nearside - Single overhead camshaft drive is vertical shaft at the front left.

Jaguar XK120

Straight six E type Jaguar

Morris Minor

Lovely Plus 4 Morgan

Wankel engined Mazda


Volvo 1800

Another Super Morgan


Ford GT40

A beast of an engine

Pick-nick time on the Dawlish Lawn

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