19 April 2016

The currency of Dartmoor.

Driving through to Devon's magical backwoods across the open Moor today I was eager to explore new vistas on the opposite side of the Dartmoor from where I reside.
These two bridges are about two miles apart and cross the river Walkham  which heads in the general direction of Plymouth before joining the River Tavy.

Built into the Ward Bridge on either side of the main arch are these oval tunnels

This area was once one of the worlds most valuable sources of tin and copper. Like Cornwall, Devon exploited and exported these riches to the farthest corners of Europe. Laws of governance of the trade was determined by a local Stannary Parliament.  Certainly nothing to do with Europe. More to do with raising taxes and regulating the currency or coinage of those times.

Today ever more elaborate arguments are spun to cloud or clarify the mind of the undecided voter over the question of who shall raise taxes and much more besides. Unlike copper or tin, todays' currency has no intrinsic value. The paper fold-up money will only be worth what an honourable man promises and there are vanishingly few such men around. 

And the view upstream on the river Walkham

An earlier bridge here was washed away

Moss Lichen and Bluebells

The River Walkham is highly regarded by canoeists and graded 1, 2 and 3+ 

Huckworthy Bridge across the river Walkham

Boris is my hero. One patriotic statesman who will answer questions with intelligence and retain a sense of humour.  He will not be over ridden by rude interviewers. He speaks as he finds and does not mince his measured words.
Barack by way of contrast, is a hypocrite expecting us to become ever more subservient to a United States of Europe when he himself would not place the US into any subservient position to any other nation. As for David, what chance has he ever had of standing up to the Goliath of the EU ?
The crux of the matter must surely be sovereignty; e.g. self determination. The governance of Great Britain and who we choose to fill that roll.

Some seem hell-bent on entrusting that privilege to Brussels.

To think that earlier generations have given their lives to defend these shores from invasion and now these same shores are at risk of being laid open to hoards of refugees, refuseniks, criminals, terrorists and the like, from Europe and its immediate neighbours.  According to official figures 1million EU migrants came to Britain over the past five years, but over that same period 2.25million registered for national insurance numbers.

Why is our government so insistent that we would be better off in Europe?
I say their motive is none other than that of self interest. The gravy train of corruption, tax scamming and dodgy dossiers of so many establishment politicians is disturbing.
Ruling over us there seems to be an elite of privileged, career orientated, power brokers who would happily fritter away what Churchill once described as a land fit for heroes.

In defence of Great Britain please vote OUT of Europe this 23rd of June.  

Your vote will determine the future of our nation.

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