5 May 2016

Bonsai and cream tea

Helen and me target separate venues on Wednesday down the same A30 road in the same Morgan at the same time.
Bonsai Nursery  For months I have been trying to persuade her to visit this fascinating place and managed it with the lure of cream tea a little way further down the road at Finches Foundry.

Clean Power

Tea room and garden at Finche's Foundry

The spill over car park where the Morgan has spilled over alongside the obsolete water turbine

My own little Bonsai corner is quite modest

Here are little trees including Beech, Tamarisk, Sea Buckthorne, Hawthorne, Juniper, Rowan or Mountain Ash, and Pine. Contained in small ceramic pots their roots are clipped as well as the twigs. 

Watering needs regular attention to prevent drying out of such shallow roots and nutrients are given monthly.

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