1 October 2016

Cathedral Top Bar Bee Hive

Winter stores are building up with eight combs showing promise of a healthy colony. The Veroa mite has, so far, not been detected which suggests that the original swarm collected on 17th July from a garden in Kingsteignton is not yet harbouring the parasite.   The bees were dusted in icing sugar in August and a tray of Apiguard (Thymol) given mid September.
To improve heat retention within the hive a small carpet square has been draped over the unoccupied bars and the follower boards faced in insulating layers of Balsa wood. The entrance is restricted down to about 1 3/4" and sugar syrup fed.  Pollen continues to be brought in.

5th of October update on a sunny afternoon at 19 deg C.   Pollen  incoming and bees flying strongly. Syrup feeder jars replenished and plenty of honey now being sealed.

Two additional Cathedral horizontal top bar hives almost completed now ready for next year.  A queen excluder and several bars with foundation wax inserted into saw cuts recesses and window follower boards have also been prepared shown below.

Bars with foundation wax in place, Queen excluder and a window follower board

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