6 October 2016

The Dolphin Inn, Dartmouth

Dartmouth on Tuesday (Market Day) and lunch at the Dolphin enjoyed by Helen, me and our little and not so little offspring. One teething grandson put up a valiant struggle until his little belly was full once more and the pub quickly emptied as ears were shattered. The food is good and the welcome very warm.
Crossing by the lower ferry we find this blue Audi R8 beside the Morgan and both of us disembarked without bottoming out. What a blast from the windowed V10 on startup !
The ferryman said a previous Morgan had just crossed earlier and by chance we parked up beside the Racing green Le Mans 62 at the car park. A lovely +8 from Somerset.

In good company heading towards Dartmouth on the lower ferry

My humble 4/4 beside the +8 

External hood linkage

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