8 December 2016

Cathedral top bar Bee Hive - Enjoying some milder weather.

Unusually warm weather (15degC) has allowed my bees to get about this past couple of days and some pollen is being brought to the hive. The National hive next door seems even more active today.  Possibly due to my hive being better insulated and a lighter colour, therefore slower to warm up after the cold spell. 

Notice the Pollen

Through the Side Window

Propolis streak inside the viewing window

Honey stored on outer combes. During cold weather these are vacated - bees migrate to the left into the brood nest.

Darkest older comb is now about 5 months old.

Brood comb tightly packed. A digital thermometer reveals the two combs at the middle of  the colony to be the ones here on far left of the image.

I found myself a usefull little sugar sprinkler last week in readiness to dust them off with icing sugar and get a regular treatment going against the Verroa mite.

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