18 December 2016

Dash Cam up to Dartmoor

A foggy grey day was left behind today as we head for the moors and a meal out. Testing the dash-cam fitted to the Morgan here showing parts of the preferred scenic sections. 

The film begins at the foot of Telegraph hill with a romp to the top where we pass the Haldon race course on the left. Descending into the Bovey Basin some misty veils linger about as we pass the exit to Chudley and the filling station. I cut the film forward to The Dart Bridge and a twisty section – The Dart Bridge is under repair, having been hit too many times by traffic squeezing between its parapets.

 We pass some pony riders at the foot of the next steep climb which the Morgan gallops up at full throttle, until a sharp right hand bend is upon us. Into Poundsgate at a snail's pace creeping through the sleepy hamlet, past the old red pillar box, over a bridge and into the next hill section. This is a lovely sharp right hand climbing bend, and a squirt up and away until a thatched cottage on the left is passed.  It is owned by English heritage and under renovation, soon to be made viewable to the public. Now rising into much clearer air the sky is an inviting quite intense blue. Halting at a roadside pull-in we pause for a walk up to a large gorse bush where this delicious bright orange Chicken Fungus is found. Said to taste of chicken, once lightly fried and brushed in oil.

Sharp Tor

Returning onto the homeward run we loop towards the village of Holn, passing across Vennford Reservoir dam.

The Dart is seen to be very low and passing us heading off the Moor are a number of disappointed canoeists, having given up any idea of a paddle down the rapids.

We reached the Fox Tor Café by midday and by 1pm the place had filled with diners. The log fire throws out plenty of warmth.
Homebound with a brief shop at Trago Mills superstore, then back to Kenton, which was still cloaked in fog.

Gorse Bush hosting a bracket fungus

Bracket Fungus

Princetown on the far left horizon

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