22 February 2017

Morgan back on the road

What a fiddley and mucky job that was. Fully overhauled brake system with new pads, rear shoes and cylinders and master brake cylinder. Probably overkill on my part, since the one leaking cylinder could have simply been recommissioned with new rubber seals. I shall replace the seals in them and have a spare set for next time. Total cost in the region of £295 -- seal kit for refurbishing original cylinders £25 approx.
Road test indicated air not entirely purged from the brake lines/cylinders, so a second bleeding was carried out and a further road test confirms all is now well.
At least I know I can do the job myself.

Meanwhile the Volvo V70 provided effortless comfort to our winter break beside the Med. The pay as you go motorways in France are simply light years ahead of the potholed UK dodgem track. Tolls ammounted to about £70 each way but the joy of driving the clear road through the stunning French landscape is well worth the extra cost.
 A midway stop was taken at a small B&B near Le Mans but 590 miles and ten hours on the road even on a Sunday - more than enough for anyone.


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