24 February 2017

Whale watching at Start Bay, Devon

The first decent run of the year in the Morgan today for Helen and me in glorious sunshine down the A38 and along some scenic lanes through to Street via Totnes. Along the way the first Skylark was heard as we approached the sea and then the even greater surprise as the road beside Slapton Ley was so busy with what we thought were twitchers parked at all angles. The beachside car park was unusually full for February and even two police cars were parked up with the drivers gaping out to sea. 

Whale watchers

The excitement was the appearance at regular intervals of a Minky Whale that had been patrolling the bay for several days. The word had travelled fast amongst the local communities.

Minky Whale

The Morgan performed beautifully as usual except for the LcD crystal display that has failed a second time. Its clearly a known fault that has to be put right at the Caerbont Factory again.
Fish and Chips at the Start Bay Inn was delicious and even the run home again pleasant, taken back the way we had come.

Canada Goose

Slapton ley

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