17 May 2019

Padstow or Cadiz

Plans to take ourselves in the Morgan to Cadiz, Meridos and Ponta da Lima this month had to be shelved due to an unexpected medical issue. Since Christmas I had been troubled with a small spot on my neck that slowly increased in size and was eventaully diagnosed as sun damage and required excision. The procedure was painless done under local anasthetic and I now have the scar to prove it that is rapidly healing thanks to the NHS and the RD&E hospital .

The majority of the costs incurrred with the bookings made were recoved, and the whole of our ferry fare to Santander was refunded ,due in part to the fact that a fire on the ship (Pont Aven) meant that our sailing would have had to be re-sheduled in any case

So this week our Morgan took us instead on a local trip down memory lane to Padstow, Port Issac and St Agnes.

At Little Petherick

Port Isaac gifts  -  This lovely lamp priced at £500.

Port Isaac

Magazine masking 

Breakers building up on the incoming tide

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