3 May 2019

Shaping up the Cold Moulded hull

Phew !  At last I begin to see something worth the effort. Its wooden and coming together. Staples have been removed and a light sanding given, the shape is slowly emerging of some sort of craft. The outside gunnel strip added,  previously steam bent and spliced together out of two lengths of Oak and now glued in place. It will add stiffness as the hull is turned over - right side up.
As  I  begin to lay lay down the ply strips on the port side the benefit of re-reading the John Leather book on the subject of cold moulding becomes more apparant.
Much better to cut the ply strips in batches and prepare a dozen or more together then fit them in a session so that constant switching of tools is reduced.
The weight upon the mobile jig is becoming more noticable as one of the caster wheels has shed its rubber tyre and had to be helped by a lash up support alongside and formed with the use of a skateboard.

The coloured mould strips are simply adorned with insulating tape to prevent glue attaching the ply to the mould and making it difficult to lift off the hull. I shall need help at that stage.

Alternate strips of  3mm ply being laid - the first of three layers on the port side

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