16 June 2015

Shakes Rattles and Rumbles

Since our getaway, time has permitted tracing those several  squeeks and little rattles the Morgan developed over many miles. All now gone.
The several loose items that could be slightly moved were secured with gaffa tape padding, folded and stuck in place, a strip of spruce and neoprene tubing fabricated into a clamp, a screw inserted into the tail pipe between the inner and outer tubes, and a wool fabric inner facing glued to the plastic trim beneath the dash, screws securing bonnet hinge to bulkhead tightened. Several plastic ties now secure floating wires and connectors. The ECU had been interfering against the ash scuttle frame, the bank of relays was free to vibrate, the bonnet hinge vibrating against the bulkhead, and the tailpipe baffle adding to the cacophony.
Even the moulded fasion piece sealing air flow around the top of the radiator was found to be loose at one end and is now re-fixed into position. A gentle run to Dartmoor and back down quiet lanes may not be as grand as the French Alps, but the country lanes of Devon still a joy to drive.

A nice cup of tea at the "Hound of the Basket Meals"

Not so busy on a Monday

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