23 June 2015

Morgan Factory Visit

Today Ewan and me toured the iconic MMC works; where the only surviving British owned and managed car maker thrives. Adhereing to its roots, producing vehicles appreciated worldwide, by an enthusistic following of  Morgan drivers and collectors.
Though some hardly ever leave their air conditioned storeage facility, my particular second hand 4/4 is pampered but certainly not spoilt through lack of use. To see its birthplace makes me appreciate it all the more.
We took the M5 north to Malvern and arrived with 20 minutes to spare for a coffee and cake before the tour began. Just 2hrs- 45mins from Exeter.

Seeing is believing and not until this morning did I appreciate the degree to which the company has embraced modern tech. materials and methods to sit them quite comfortably alongside the traditional skills of coach-building and crafting at its highest level. 

Impressive attention to detail - dedicated and loyal work force - a desire to see that every vehicle in bespoke livery reaches its new owner in splendid fashion. If anything could prise me away from my existing Morgan, it would be a new Morgan, and this is the place to tempt me rotten.

Here the older man may be seen, rejuvenated. In eager anticipation of his Morgan reaching readiness for the open road. Fabrication progressing at a measured pace determined by the weight of one hand and the eye of the craftsman.

MorganFactoryTour 23rd June 2015     (View 120 + images here)

Destined for Morgan Prague


Pre-delivery inspection bay

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