3 June 2015

Roscoff ferry port

Killing time at Roscoff this morning a few of the more interesting items spotted included the sniffer dog barking an alarm at a hippy camper van. A lovely cream Daimler DB18 Drophead Coupé or something quite similar.  A trailer load of vintage citroen camper vans and a beautiful three wheeler Morgan parked near the market.

Note the badge bar

Cockpit with navigation gear

A dream machine for this boy.

Without a hood  and in the sunshine

A quartet of Citroen campers on their way to UK restorer & exporter

One is to be used selling Pizzas on the streets of New York and need not be a runner.  The yellow one in front had a dangling down C/V joint adrift with splined shaft all exposed. 

For peace of mind this bodger needs fix-it items "just in case".
Things that chug, puff, bang, and blow along in the wind, once in a while might require:-
Electrical tape,  gaffa tape, nylon tie strips, copper wire, pliers, mole grips (3), assorted spanners, screwdrivers (4) , two hammers (for eared wheel nuts), jack, wire wool, piano wire clips, Two spare relays, bulb set, latex gloves, paper wipes, two LED torches, grease gun, pot of grease, WD 40, rags, rug tool wrapper, fuses of various amperage, tarp and tie string, bungee cords, rope, umbrella, tyre pressure gauge,  breathalyzer kit, first aid kit, craft knife, magnetic probe for retrieving dropped bits from awkward places and so far not used ever.
Stored in the several voids beneath or inside the bodywork.
What went wrong you may ask.  Nothing at all went wrong with the Morgan. Why should it?

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