7 July 2015

Morgan maintenance

With approximately 6,750 miles on the clock, the vendor of my 4/4 handed me the service sheet and mention was made there of a trace of oil at the rear of the engine. Latterly the presence of a slight oil leak issuing from the bell housing vent indicated a rear seal failure.
Prolonged periods unused in storage may have resulted in the seal adhering to the crankshaft. Not something that should occur during normal usage.

Job now done by the Exminster Garage; the first time I have had to release the 4/4 into the hands of a true mechanic apart from the annual M.O.T.
At the same time the clutch slave was showing signs of a leak developing and that too has now been replaced.  Perished water tube also replaced along with windscreen wiper blades (by me) and all ready for the road once more. Mileage at 7/7/2015 is 42,500.

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