20 September 2015

Bonsai Book found at Dartmouth Market

One pound at the market stall, my illustrated book cost me dear. Having "invested" in some little trees, compost, rooting powder, Japanese style Bonsai ceramics and taking cuttings from the hedge. The pots encroach on the patio garden and yesterday saw me attend a Bonsai class for beginners.

My corner of the patio/garden

The camera is not forgotten though; yesterday the quest was on again, chasing an early sunrise.  But the light was not as clear as the previous morning. A layer of grey mist flooded down from the surrounding hills.
A kingfisher flew beneath the railway viaduct and landed almost at my feet but quickly spotted me and flashed away across the harbour. Though I had camera in hand the action shot was lost. 

This shallow harbour quickly empties

The condensation trails appear to converge but actually are parallel to one another 

First light plus twenty minutes


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