1 September 2015

Briefly to Beer

What a day for a joyride!  Up the A30 turn off at Honiton and follow onto the Sidmouth road and with Beer as our destination in the warm sun.
Tea and coffee cake at Kennos Beach cafe but we are called away on a rescue mission to Exeter via Higher Ashton. A quite unexpected but minor detour that soon proved to be a delightful drive along the narrow back lanes of Haldon. 

On the way I noticed a slightly raised engine temperature and checked the coolant level. On returning home the bottom radiator hose clip was found to have  loosened but fortunately fluid loss was minimal.

All the toilets in Beer are of the fixed down variety, unlike some of those in Newlyn !

 ( See BBC news report) :  Women gets moved in Portaloo

Ten days later and here we are again in Beer for a toasted sandwich at Kennows. Much warmer onshore breeze from the east.

Visitors enjoying the sun - Tomorrows forecast is for rain

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