13 September 2015

When a Bishop pleads Guilty

Peter Ball was supposedly a trustworty churchman, but by his own admission, reveals himself to have been an abuser.
Only now, twenty years later at a time when he sees the game is up, does he admit his behaviour. Jailed for 32 months at the Old Bailey today (07/10/15).

The CPS failed to press charges for a serious allegation brought by more than one victim, persons selected by the Bishop for their vulnerability, and the least likely to object. The abuse of power is quite appaling, yet was apparantly not even frowned upon by the then Archbishop of Canterbury Lord John Carey,  until now, once he too realises, that the game is up for the Church. 

Ball proceeded to resign as bishop and went to live in a property lent to him by his friend the Prince of Wales.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, George Carey colluded with the C.P.S. and Police to prevent the matter reaching a court of law. This perversion of the course of justice occurred despite the fact that in 1993 C.P.S. lawyers said there was   "SUFFICIENT ADMISSABLE, SUBSTANTIAL AND RELIABLE EVIDENCE” to bring a prosecution.  Today he has said sorry, but sorry is not good enough.

My suggestion here includes an appropriate place for abusers of children to be restrained, alongside those interfering with the English Law System,  particularly when the victims of such criminal behaviour are children.




No escape for an 84 year old Bishop


 On a happier note; this pleasant September day, we leave the above place of incarceration to enjoy the freedom of the Moor. Taking the road from Post Bridge to Widecombe we pass the stone circle and burial cairn beside a Forrestry Commission plantation.

Robbed of stone there remains only the outer kerbstones that once held a heap of granite above a buriel cyst.

Downstream from Two Bridgse

Heading away from the Fox Tor Cafe -  beside the road home.

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